La Foule – Aerial Hoop

An upbeat routine with a light-hearted, playful character.

Muddy Waters – Aerial Hoop

The story of a woman scorned. Atmospheric and emotive.

Spell on You – Aerial silks

A slow and graceful routine that is sultry, glamorous and heartfelt.

Don’t play Stupid – Aerial silks

An unforgettable routine that’s playful and politically charged, celebrating all things vulva!

Crazy in Love – Aerial Loop

An upbeat routine that’s fast paced with a playful character.

The Foxgloves – Aerial Duo

Darling aerial duo with vintage aesthetics, performing synchronised and/or duo hoop, loop and silks.

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Rodney & Alexandra – Cabaret/Burlesque

Sexy, funny and beautifully strange. Unique world class juggling, hat manipulation and striptease.


The Strong Women – SisterEdge Walkabout

Strength of mind, body and purpose. The Strong Women celebrate 100 years of (some) women getting the vote and questioning what work is still to be done. Demonstrating a beautiful combination of quirky ensemble movement alongside the shared physical strength and support of acrobatic lifts and balances, The Strong Women encourage playfulness and placards, quirkiness and questions and strong support to all.

Strong Women edited

The Bath Ladies – SisterEdge Walkabout

Blinded by their exuberant vanity, The Bath Ladies find themselves out in public clad only in pristine white towels in search of the nearest spa. Highly entertaining, ridiculous and visually striking, The Bath Ladies are a gentle and amusing reflection of today’s vanity culture.

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