“Emotion flows through her - like a river of questions that engulfs those who gaze upon it’s shimmering surface.”
K. Allan.”

Alexandra is a physical artist, director and mentor. She has used her years of aerial, dance and physical theater training to create sophisticated, beautiful and sometimes absurd performances. She has appeared on television, advised and movement directed for arena touring pop and rock bands and assisted in breaking world records.

Described as an inspirational figure in both skill and expression, Alexandra has a rare ability to channel ideas from mind to (and through) the body.  Her pieces flow with a dynamic that challenges normative ideals and celebrates beauty and grace as an expansive concept. Her sense of presence alone is ‘utterly captivating’.


As an artist in her own right, Alexandra’s performance work spans genres and is multifaceted. Drawing from performance art, comedy, flesh, aerial, burlesque, otherworldly, the political and dark cabaret, her intimate and creative style of performance has graced a variety of international cabaret and theatre stages, from Melbourne to London with a stop in many deep dark Berlin cabaret clubs in between….
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At home in the UK, Alexandra has focused her attention to help continue to build a vibrant and strong cabaret scene. As well as performing, Alexandra is also a producer and creative director for the seminal theatre company ‘Ministry of Burlesque’ and is co-founder and director of the cabaret company; The Decadent Rabbit. 

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In teaching, Alexandra has collaborated with Circomedia by writing and guest tutoring. She is also guest tutor for Aerial Edge and is the founder of SisterEdge; a performance and teaching company.

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