Presenting Alexandra Hofgartner
Aerial Burlesque & Cabaret Walkabout Corporate

Alexandra presents her quirky and beautiful collection of characters suitable for meet and greets as well as walkabout performances in partnership with Physical Theatre company Jilted Pig.  Stilt walking and living statue characters can also be presented for themed events.

Bath Ladies

Dressed in pristine white towels, the well-to-do bath ladies are lost and in search of somewhere to wash. Utilising the space around them, the ladies try to take a bath wherever they can, switching between their initial confidence and embarrassment as they realise they are not appropriately dressed.

Pest Control

Two oversized renegade insects, the snail and the greenfly, have eaten one 

cucumber too many and the gardener has had enough.

The battle of the beds is on as the pests go head to head with the gardener to escape her net.

A fun, highly visual and interactive walkabout. 

Silent Movie