Presenting Alexandra Hofgartner
Aerial Burlesque & Cabaret Walkabout Corporate

Alexandra presents her collection of acts with fine attention to detail. She creates her own world of intricate truth and beauty and draws upon the gentle but certain eroticism of the seductress.

Lady Piente

In this whimsical vision of storytelling see an Art Nouveau inspired painting come to life, resulting in a beautiful Isis wing finale. A delightful performance with a beautiful golden life size picture frame, representing growth and new life.

Length: 5.21


A soulful piece of performance art, Alexandra sheds the layers by casting 

off the restraints of her garments symbolising emancipation.

Length: 5.11

Seasons of Change

A dreamy sequence where a young woman with a sparkling umbrella disrobes in the rain.

A beautiful striptease performed with elegance and simplicity that speaks pure honesty and displays delicate imagery.

Length 4.52

Rodney and Alexandra

Very sexy, very funny and absolutely unforgettable.

An utterly unique combination of the glamorous burlesque elegance of Alexandra Hofgartner and ping pong juggling and gentlemanly finesse of Rod Laver.

This remarkable number harks back to the magical world of 1930's Berlin illustrated in the film cabaret. Only recently premiered this brand new act is already much in demand in cabaret and burlesque venues throughout Europe.

Length: 8 minutes.

Fan Dance

Whether it be a striptease act involving a traditional glamour costume or as a meet and greet with a difference, Alexandra 

can cater her fan dance to any event.

There is a choice between flame red or royal blue ostrich feather fans.

Length: Fan dance act 3 to 5 minutes
Meet and greet: 10 to 20 minutes.